The Staniak Scholarships

The Staniak Family has generously established and funded two (2) types of scholarships applied directly to SOJC students who have been admitted into the Portland Senior Experience program. Please continue reading for more information on both scholarships.

The Staniak Scholarship

The Staniak Scholarship is a special fund specifically dedicated to the PDXSX program, which provides a $2,000 stipend to a recipient for the term they participate in the program. Three (3) or more scholarships may be offered during the spring term and two (2) or more scholarships may be offered during the fall term.

Any student who has been admitted into a PDXSX cohort may apply to become a Staniak Scholar. Staniak Scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate a significant financial need or who agree to participate in an internship with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, social cause or government organization.

The Staniak Scholarship has created a unique win-win-win-win proposition for: PDXSX students, the SOJC, the Portland community and those organizations that partner with our program.

The Staniak Technology Scholarship for Women

In 2015, 23 technology companies in Portland signed an industry pledge to improve gender and racial diversity among their organizations.

In an effort to better increase opportunities for college-age women from the University of Oregon SOJC and for them to consider and begin careers in Portland’s technology sector, the Staniak Family has established specific funding to support technology internships for women and dovetail with the recent Portland Tech Diversity pledge.

The STSW fund offers a $5,000 scholarship for women who participate in a technology internship through the PDXSX program.


Applications to pursue an unrestricted Staniak Scholarship or a Staniak Technology Scholarship for Women will be sent to the admitted cohort several months before the start of their PDXSX term.