What is the PDXSX?

The Portland Experience (PDXSX) is a premiere college internship program, which takes place through the University of Oregon’s Portland Turnbull Center. It is offered for School of Journalism & Communication (SOJC) students among all academic disciplines (public relations, advertising, magazine, news editorial, photojournalism and broadcast journalism) who are in their last term of college before graduation. The PDXSX only takes place twice-a-year, during the fall (Sept-Dec) and spring (Mar-June) quarters of the academic year.

All students who are accepted into the PDXSX program must be in good academic standing with the University (2.9 GPA or higher), have previous professional or internship experience, express and demonstrate strong professional communication and social media skills, maintain a professional-level portfolio of work samples, pass a multi-person academic screening panel and have current faculty recommendations in order to gain admission into the program.

Students with previous internship or work experience are always preferred for the program over students who have no professional experience.  Historically, only 25 to 30 students, from among all SOJC disciplines, are selected out of 50 or more applicants, to be accepted into the PDXSX program.

The PDXSX has already served more than 225 students since 2006 and the job placement or internship extension rate for each cohort has been more than 60% – a significant number when one considers how difficult and competitive the professional communication fields can be to enter upon graduation. In fact, during the spring quarters of 2010, 2011 & 2014, more than 75% of all PDXSX participants had internships extended or were offered full-time employment upon graduation.

This is an award-winning, nationally recognized program with more than 120 professional partners who have already helped many students begin careers while simultaneously allowing our deep network of professional partners to take a first-hand look at some of the impressive talent available from University of Oregon’s SOJC.


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