How long does the PDXSX last?

The PDXSX is designed to match the 11-week academic cycle, and we try to honor that commitment. However, many of our professional partners have expressed that they would prefer students who could make longer commitments, with internships lasting up to six-months.

We try to make the PDXSX as flexible as possible, and students are welcome to begin their experience before the start of the academic year (during the summer) or have it extended beyond graduation. In fact, some students have agreed to six-month internships rather than the typical eleven-weeks, as that often works better with an organization’s fiscal and client-project calendar.

Those students who are willing to commit to longer internships will likely have more opportunities to interview, find greater access to client projects and accounts, make stronger business contacts and enjoy more ownership of individual projects within an organization.

From an employer’s perspective, a longer internship makes more sense. Significant amounts of employers’ time and resources are spent getting interns up to speed on client projects and accounts; in addition to helping them mesh within an organization’s overall culture.


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