What classes are available to PDXSX students?

In addition to your internship, most students should plan to take 2 or 3 classes during the week. Two-hour classes are scheduled in the afternoons Monday through Thursday from 2PM to 4PM or 4PM to 6PM. Some of the courses offered at the Turnbull Center include

  • J404 – Internship Credit (2-4 credits)
  • J405 – Independent Study (1-2 credits)
  • J406 – Special Problems (4 credits)
  • J409 – Communication Practicum (2 credits)
  • J410 – Strategic Communication Campaigns (4 credits)
  • J412 – Issues in Communication Studies [Core Context B] (4 credits)

Occasionally we are able to work with students who need additional credits through an arranged independent study, but this is unusual and unique to every student’s academic needs.

Students who participate in the PDXSX should generally plan to work at their internship site from 8AM to 12PM, Monday through Thursday. In addition, students are available to work at their internship all day Friday because no classes are scheduled for students on Fridays.


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