What do I need to secure PDXSX internship?

The tools and skills you need to land a future full-time job are the same tools you will need in your internship search.

  • A well-written, flawless, professional résumé
    • Showcase your professional experience over your education.
    • Triple-check to ensure your résumé is free from misspellings, poor grammar, syntax errors, etc.
  • An attention-getting and compelling personal narrative
    • This is your chance to explain why you believe you are the best candidate for the opportunity. Along with your portfolio, this narrative will accompany your résumé to any potential employer.
  • Examples of your capabilities
    • A good online portfolio of your work will put you ahead of many other competitors. Samples of your work, both professional and academic, will set you apart. Plan to develop a strong online portfolio with WordPress.
  • Three (3) outstanding personal letters of recommendation (LORs)
    • Credible third-parties who are willing to speak on your behalf.
  • Strong interviewing skills
    • Interviews are face to face, and it’s a good idea to practice. Students are always welcome to work with the PDXSX program manager on mock interviews before you meet with any organization.
    • Knowledge of the organization
    • Initiative and persistence to make it happen
  • Networking contacts
    • The old adage really is true; it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.
      • Do you know someone who already works in your desired industry?
      •  What about faculty members?
      • Do your parents or their friends have contacts to whom they might be willing to introduce you?
      • Perhaps a previous employer knows someone with whom you could speak about opportunities.

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